Fractional CO2 Treatment in Lucknow


Fractional CO2 Treatment in Lucknow is an advanced skin rejuvenation procedure that uses fractional carbon dioxide laser technology to target exact areas of the skin, promoting collagen production and skin renewal. The laser creates tiny, controlled micro-injuries in the skin, stimulating the body's natural healing process, improving skin texture, reducing wrinkles, and creating a youthful appearance. This treatment addresses various skin concerns, including acne scars, fine lines, and sun damage. Dr. Asma and her skilled team offer top-notch Fractional CO2 Treatment in Lucknow, ensuring safe and effective results for clients seeking skin revitalization.

Fractional CO2 Treatment in Lucknow

Fractional CO2 Treatment in Lucknow uses advanced laser technology to stimulate collagen production and renew the skin. Dr. Asma and her team provide safe and effective skin rejuvenation for concerns like wrinkles and acne scars. The controlled micro-injuries created by the laser promote healing and result in improved skin texture and a youthful appearance. Experience transformative benefits under the expert care of Dr. Asma in Lucknow.

What is Fractional CO2 Treatment

Over the years, laser technology has been at the forefront of various skin treatments, such as resurfacing and skin tightening. Among the numerous laser technologies available, CO2 laser therapy, or carbon dioxide laser therapy, stands out due to its remarkable water absorption capacity. This characteristic makes it a prominent choice in the realm of laser therapies. The CO2 laser's affinity for water in human skin contributes to its exceptional safety, precision, and efficiency during treatment.

Fractional CO2 laser treatment in Lucknow leverages the power of CO2 laser technology to address a wide range of skin concerns effectively. The procedure involves creating micro-injuries in the skin's targeted areas using fractional CO2 laser beams. These controlled micro-injuries trigger the body's natural healing response, stimulating collagen production and skin renewal. As a result, patients experience remarkable improvements in skin texture, reduction of wrinkles, and a more youthful appearance.

The process is highly advantageous for individuals seeking to address skin issues, including acne scars, fine lines, sun damage, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. Dr. Asma and her skilled team at our Lucknow clinic offer top-notch Fractional CO2 Treatment, ensuring optimal patient safety, precision, and exceptional outcomes.

Experience the transformative benefits of Fractional CO2 Treatment in Lucknow, where cutting-edge laser technology meets personalized care. Dr. Asma's expertise and dedication to patient satisfaction guarantee a rejuvenated and radiant complexion, giving you the confidence to face the world with your best skin forward. Embrace the power of CO2 laser therapy and unlock the potential for a more youthful and revitalized appearance.

How Fractional CO2 can be done:

CO2 laser resurfacing employs laser light pulses that penetrate the skin's surface and are absorbed by the water in skin cells. This process vaporizes the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin while heating the middle layer, or dermis. The heat promotes the production of new collagen fibers, replacing old skin layers with smoother, firmer skin as the treated area heals.

The precision of CO2 laser resurfacing allows dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons to target specific spots on the skin without affecting the surrounding areas. This targeted approach ensures that only the areas needing treatment receive the laser's effects, leading to optimal results and minimal impact on adjacent skin.

The procedure

In CO2 laser resurfacing, a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon can precisely focus on specific areas of your skin, ensuring that the surrounding skin remains unaffected by the treatment.

  • The duration of the outpatient CO2 laser resurfacing procedure varies depending on the specific skin concern and treated area, typically 30 minutes to two hours.
  • CO2 laser resurfacing can cause discomfort. The level of pain experienced is influenced by factors such as the depth and extent of the resurfacing, the surgeon's or dermatologist's expertise, and individual pain tolerance.
  • Local anesthesia and sedatives are administered to minimize pain and induce relaxation. In some cases of extensive resurfacing, general anesthesia may allow the patient to sleep during the procedure.
  • Before commencing the treatment, your skin will undergo meticulous cleansing, and protective eyewear will be provided to safeguard your eyes from the laser.
  • The dermatologist or surgeon will delicately maneuver the laser wand over the affected skin area throughout the procedure.
  • To alleviate swelling, an ice pack may be given, which can be applied to the treated region for 15 minutes.
  • After the process, the treated skin will be dressed with a nonstick coating and an antimicrobial ointment. These should be left on as directed, often for 24 hours, to facilitate proper healing and minimize the risk of infection.

CO2 laser resurfacing is a highly effective treatment for various skin concerns, including wrinkles, scars, and sun damage. It is essential to follow all pre and post-procedure instructions provided by the dermatologist or surgeon to ensure minimal results and a smooth recovery. With the advancements in laser technology and skilled medical professionals like Dr. Asma in Lucknow, patients can undergo this procedure confidently, knowing that their safety and comfort are prioritized. Experience the transformative benefits of CO2 laser resurfacing and achieve rejuvenated, youthful-looking skin that boosts your confidence and enhances your natural beauty.

Benefits of Filler Treatment

These are the potential benefits of Fractional Treatment.
  • Fractional CO2 laser treatment presents several advantages for various skin disorders:
  • The CO2 laser is not pigment-selective, making it suitable for treating pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions.
  • The treatment is tissue-selective and offers high precision.
  • Consumables for the procedure are cost-effective.
  • Compared to chemical peeling and dermabrasion, the procedure is less invasive.
  • The downtime is relatively short, with approximately two weeks for recovery.

Risks of Fractional CO2 Treatment

Fractional CO2 treatment is generally considered safe, and the risks or side effects of the procedure are rare. It is essential to emphasize that these occurrences are infrequent, and only some patients will experience them. Moreover, these risks can be mitigated with proper precautions and careful adherence to post-treatment instructions. While complications are uncommon, consulting with a qualified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon before the procedure is always recommended to ensure the best possible outcome and minimize potential risks.

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Infection

Cost of Fractional CO2 in Lucknow

relying on multiple aspects, including the clinic's location, the expertise of the medical professional performing the procedure, the extent of the treatment area, and the harshness of the skin condition being addressed. On average, the cost of Fractional CO2 treatment in Lucknow can range from ₹10,000 to ₹50,000 per session. It is essential to consult with a reputable clinic or dermatologist to get a personalized quote and discuss the treatment plan's specific details. Additionally, it is crucial to prioritize the qualifications and experience of the medical professional over the cost to ensure safe and effective results.

What's the recovery like?

The recovery period for CO2 laser resurfacing typically lasts around 1-2 weeks. Adhering to the aftercare instructions your dermatologist or surgeon provides is essential to promote proper healing and reduce the risk of complications.

During the recovery process, you can expect the following:
  • The skin will feel raw, resembling a sunburn, accompanied by itching, stinging, and peeling in the initial days.
  • There may be blistering, oozing of a yellow liquid, and crusting of the treated skin.
  • After approximately 5-7 days, the skin will dry and peel. The underlying skin may appear pink or pale, gradually transitioning to match your natural skin color throughout up to a year.
To facilitate a smooth healing process, consider these helpful tips:
  • Refrain from rubbing, scratching, or picking at the treated skin to avoid irritation and potential scarring.
  • Follow your doctor's instructions on cleansing the treated skin, which typically involves using saline or a vinegar solution 2-5 times daily.
  • Apply a thin moisturizer or antibacterial ointment as your doctor directs twice daily.
  • Use an ice pack covered in a soft, clean towel if needed during the first 24-48 hours to alleviate swelling.
  • Sleep with your head advanced to help minimize swelling.

Once your skin has fully healed, take precautions when exposed to the sun. Wear clothing covering the treated area or use sunscreen specifically formulated for sensitive skin whenever you venture outdoors. By following these guidelines, you can support a successful recovery and execute the best possible outcome from CO2 laser resurfacing.

What's the recovery like?

Typically, it takes 1-2 weeks to recover from CO2 laser resurfacing. To promote a smooth recovery and reduce the chances of complications, it is crucial to diligently adhere to the aftercare instructions given by your dermatologist or surgeon.

Here's what you can anticipate during the recovery process:
  • 1. The initial days after the procedure, your skin will feel raw, akin to a sunburn, and may experience itching, stinging, and peeling.
  • 2. There may be blistering, oozing of a yellow liquid, and crust formation on the treated skin.
  • 3. Around 5-7 days post-treatment, your skin will dry and peel. The underlying skin might appear pink or pale, gradually transitioning to match your natural skin color. This transformative process could take up to a year.
To ensure a smooth healing journey, consider the following helpful tips:
  • 1. Avoid rubbing, scratching, or picking at the treated skin to prevent irritation and potential scarring.
  • 2. Cleanse the treated area per your doctor's guidance, typically using saline or a vinegar solution 2-5 times daily.
  • 3. Follow your doctor's recommendations: Use a thin layer of moisturizer or antibacterial ointment twice daily.
  • 4. Employ a soft towel-wrapped ice pack to alleviate swelling during the first 24-48 hours.
  • 5. Sleep with your head elevated to help reduce swelling.

Once your skin has fully healed, take precautions when going out in the sun. Surround the treated spot with clothing or apply sunscreen specially formulated for sensitive skin whenever you venture outdoors.

Adhering to these guidelines can promote a successful recovery and achieve optimal results from CO2 laser resurfacing.

FAQs of Fractional CO2

  • What is Fractional CO2 laser treatment, and how does it work?

    Fractional CO2 laser therapy is a skin resurfacing method that utilizes laser energy to generate tiny micro-injuries in the more profound layers of the skin. This method triggers the growth of collagen and fosters the development of new skin cells, resulting in a smoother and more youthful skin appearance.

  • What skin conditions can be treated with a Fractional CO2 laser?

    Fractional CO2 laser treatment addresses many skin concerns, including wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, sun damage, age spots, and uneven skin texture.

  • Is Fractional CO2 laser treatment painful?

    While discomfort may vary depending on the individual's pain tolerance and the intensity of the therapy, patients may experience a sensation of heat or slight stinging during the procedure. Topical numbing creams or local anesthesia can be applied before the treatment to minimize discomfort.

  • How long is the recovery period after Fractional CO2 laser treatment?

    The recovery span can vary based on the depth of the treatment and individual healing factors. Generally, patients can expect redness and swelling for several days after the procedure. The skin may also peel and flake during the healing process, and full recovery may take around 1 to 2 weeks.

  • How many Fractional CO2 laser treatment sessions are needed for optimal results?

    The number of sessions required will depend on the exact skin condition being treated and the desired outcome. Multiple treatment sessions several weeks apart may be recommended to achieve the best results. A dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon will assess your skin and provide a personalized treatment plan based on your needs.


The Fractional CO2 treatment process is explained, detailing how CO2 laser resurfacing works. The procedure involves using laser light to vaporize the outer layer of the skin and heat the middle layer to promote collagen production, leading to smoother and firmer skin. The precision of CO2 laser resurfacing allows for targeted treatment of specific areas without affecting surrounding skin.

The recovery process for CO2 laser resurfacing is described, including expected sensations such as rawness, itching, and peeling, and how to manage them. The importance of adhering to aftercare instructions and protecting the treated skin from the sun is emphasized for optimal healing.

Additionally, the text provides benefits, risks, and costs associated with Fractional CO2 Treatment. The potential benefits include precise treatment, suitability for various skin lesions, and relatively short downtime. Risks are considered rare, including redness, swelling, hyperpigmentation, and infection. The cost varies based on factors like location, professional expertise, and treated area, ranging from ₹10,000 to ₹50,000 per session.

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